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What Does a Healthy Senior Diet Look Like?

What Does a Healthy Senior Diet Look Like?

Diet for seniors? Yes. That’s correct. Even as we come to our senior years, we still need to observe a healthy diet. In fact, seniors are even more recommended to follow dietary restrictions appropriate for their age.

As a health care provider in Massachusetts, let us help you identify the ideal diet for seniors especially as they reach 60 and beyond. Consider the following:

  • Less Calories

    Seniors should not take more calories than they ought to. To address this, they will need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Even if some fruits have fats, these don’t increase your calories as these can be flushed out of the body. Also, they should avoid artificial sugar and sweets. Outside of their diet, we also recommend regular exercise.

  • More Protein

    As a provider of home health care in Stoughton, Massachusetts, we also recommend more proteins for seniors. This means eating a regular serving of salmon, eggs, chicken, or beef. With increased protein, their muscle mass is enhanced. Take note that muscle mass can reduce as a person grows older.

  • Drink Water

    Staying hydrated is also an essential aspect of a senior’s diet. Yet, hydration doesn’t only come from water. This can also be met through fruit juices, fruit shakes or smoothies, and even succulent fruits and vegetables. Staying hydrated can also improve a senior person’s digestion. If your loved one needs assistance with this, a provider of Home health care in Boston, Massachusetts can be there for them.

  • Eat Small and Slow

    Eating slowly in smaller portions also improves a senior person’s diet. By doing this, the food they eat is absorbed better by the body. As a result, nutrients can also be processed faster. Also, they can feel even fuller. Because of that, their metabolism also works better, helping them to maintain their ideal weight.

As a visiting nurse agency, our team at Creations Health Care, Inc. is here to support you in caring for an aging loved one. So we hope that these dietary recommendations will equip you to be a better caregiver. If you need our help, call us!

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