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2019 News on Elderly Falls and Physical Therapy

2019 News on Elderly Falls and Physical Therapy

In a collection of data by the National Vital Statistics System, there is an obvious increase in the number of deaths caused by falls among seniors aged 75 and up. From approximately eight thousand mortalities in the year 2000, the record increased to more than 25,000 deaths by the year 2016. This figure covers both elderly men and women.

As a trusted provider of home health care in Stoughton, Massachusetts, we find this trend alarming especially as more people are approaching their inevitable senior years.

However, the American Physical Therapy Association published recent news that incidents of elderly falls can be greatly reduced through physical therapy (PT)-assisted exercises. At least, that is how this particular study reflects improvement.

It has been observed that in a community for older adults, a physical therapist conducts home-based exercise programs for the seniors in their own abode. The participants are especially focused on seniors who have already experienced falls in the past. Their physicians prescribe them 12-month care at home plus home-based strength and balance retraining programs. These are the same activities that our PTs can provide as we extend Home health care in Central Massachusetts.

In the home-based exercise program, a PT assists a senior with exercise routines that involve enhancing their balance, strength, and walking ability. These routines are designed to increase in difficulty as time goes by. The participants are then instructed to carry out the exercises provided to them at least three times a week. After which, similar to what our health care providers in Massachusetts do, the PT revisits the senior every two weeks so the exercises can be adjusted. The patient is then evaluated by their physician every six months.

Researchers found that those who underwent additional care with physical therapists experienced decreased incidence of falls compared to the other group that was only getting the traditional kind of senior care.

What can you say about this update? If you know someone who needs improvement with their balance and mobility, refer them to Creations Health Care, Inc. Ask us for inquiries!

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