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How Speech Therapy Helps the Elderly

How Speech Therapy Helps the Elderly

Communication is important, no matter what our age is. Speech therapy to the elderly is critical when recovering from a head injury or stroke. But there are also other conditions that speech therapy can help the elderly. As a health care provider in Massachusetts, be keen if you notice that your elderly loved one is having trouble and difficulties in responding to your questions or when he or she is asking things to you.

Creations Health Care, Inc. will give you some situations where speech therapy can help your elderly.

  • Vocal cords. Vocal cords are inclined to get less flexible when people get older, and the larynx muscles will weaken. These circumstances will give the elderly difficulty to communicate and speak in the usual way. Speech therapy will also offer vocal exercises to ease this problem and help the elderly learn again how to speak.
  • Swallowing difficulties. Speech therapy will be beneficial to the elderly that has swallowing problems. Therapy can aid the elderly in recovering swallowing and chewing to avoid and lessen the danger of choking. At home health care in Stoughton, Massachusetts, we can prevent and treat this disorder.

A Visiting Nurse Agency can also provide home health care in Boston, Massachusetts. Our agency, in fact, has been helping the seniors improve their swallowing, communication, and language difficulties through expert medical care and personalized treatment plan.

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